Thoughts on the Eve of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

It’s been a long time since I’ve communicated with you. 

In the last year-plus, I’ve watched the drama (yes, it’s a drama — important to remember) of the US Presidential Race unfold.  I thought you might be interested in my perspective from a post-integrated place as Carol/Carruch.

As I’ve often said in Circles and classes, politics is not, in fact, what changes the world, ultimately.  Instead, the political sphere is basically a psycho-drama that demonstrates the state of the collective psyche and soul-state of a given nation, collective of nations, and in some cases, the entire human world population.

This election is the first U.S. presidential race which has occurred since the great shift of December 21, 2012.

I am unsurprised that it has been so dynamic and dramatic.  When viewed from the purely personal perspective, it can feel chaotic, dysfunctional, and fractious.  When viewed from the perspective of psycho-drama of an entire nation, though, it becomes highly symbolic and informative.

We have all the characters, themes, and plot-twists to make a riveting play:
The idealistic and principled old man who seems young as he looks forward to a new potential world — his mirror in the old man who strives to appear young, but longs to take us back to the way it used to be — both considered “outsiders.”  The woman who is loved and hated — who has been inside the system that has tried (and failed) to keep her out — yet whom no one seems to truly know, mirrored by the woman who has been outside the system and has no desire to be inside it — and whom no one seems to truly know. 

And then there is the Greek Chorus of the Voters — seemingly disjointed and at odds with one another, wearing t-shirts and stickers and emblems that seem to cancel one another out — but when viewed from afar, sharing one universal gesture and cry — their arms extended to their candidate of choice, they plead:  “Save Us!”

Boiled down to essence, all the campaign promises and platforms and programs and approaches distill to the most basic of human survival questions: 
How can we be safe? 
How can we be healed? 
How can we become more (prosper)?

Again, it doesn’t surprise me that these questions are so prominently featured, and the discussions about them, so heated  — as a nation, we have left these questions languishing for a couple of centuries, and now, they are bubbling to the surface in a fever of self-healing.

I think it’s important to remember that the concept of a “nation” exists only because we say it does — but once spoken of and identified with, that concept does become real.  When individuals identify as “Swedish” or “German” or “American,” they are acknowledging themselves as part of a living body — just as individuals cells in my body are born, live for a time as “me,” and eventually die or leave.

This is an important thought to hold on to when viewing the “body politic” of this election — because it speaks to something about the process of evolution that we often forget:   The only Cosmically-aligned way to evolve a species, construct, or “body” is to become a part of it.   I’ve spoken about this many times, and about how, if we are to be aligned with the Cosmic Law of Sovereignty as we seek to evolve our own species, we must enthusiastically and willingly claim our identification as human beings, rather than shaking our heads and mumbling grumpily about “stupid humans” (as if we weren’t a part of our own species).

This is why humans who are considered to be incarnations of divine beings (the Dalai Lamas, Jesus Christ, Boddhisatvas, etc.) would choose to live as part of the human species — in order to be cosmically-authorized to evolve that species.

Eight years ago, the United States elected Barack Obama, the first Black President in its history.  It’s worth noting that one of the most persistent complaints against him was the notion that he was not born in the U.S. –certainly an attempt to disqualify his presidency on technical terms, but perhaps more profoundly, a claim that he was not “one of us” — consciously or unconsciously, those who propagated this claim recognized the cosmic reality that the only legitimate force of evolution must come from within the body being evolved.

Think about the process of “natural selection” — a species moves through its environment — genes mutate and present new features — if a new feature proves advantageous to the individual bearing it, the gene is passed on and spreads throughout the species, sometimes eventually presenting in the entire group — if the new feature does not enhance (or even harms) the individual, the gene generally passes out of the gene pool with the individual. 

Evolution is not an instantaneous process.  Unlike Revolution, it does not seek to abolish what has gone before — it builds upon what is, relying upon membership within the body of the species or system being evolved, and slowly but steadily enhancing it, allowing what does not work to pass away, and embracing new developments only because they have presented something of value/advantage to the body or collective.

Let’s look at one of the festering issues in the body politic of the U.S. —  income inequity.  This issue is not new.  It has arisen many times in the history of the body known as the United States of America.  Viewed from an evolutionary perspective, the end-game of income inequity is clearly dysfunctional in terms of survival. 

Imagine if you had a body where the brain had a high degree of power and control over all the other systems in the body (actually, this is true of your body) — and along with that power and control, the brain began to suck up the vast majority of the nutrients being supplied to the body.  Eventually, the rest of the body would starve and die, and then where would that powerful, well-fed brain be, with no hand to lift a spoon to the mouth it depends on, no muscle to move it around, etc.?

So, the most important reason to evolve income equality is not based in some notion of “justice” or “fairness” — it must be evolved because it always ultimately ends up harming the collective body — it’s been proven, time and again, to be an unworkable approach to survival and thrival.

Now that I’ve set the stage in terms of my view of election cycles and this election in particular, I want to present you with another part of that view:  The significance of the possibility of breaking a 240-year-old pattern of exclusively male leadership in the United States.

Love her or hate her, the potential election of Hillary Clinton is both historically and spiritually significant for the body that is the U.S.

The graphic below shows what the U.S. Congress looks like now (left) and what it would look like if it were truly representative of the various groups that constitute the body of the U.S. in terms of political party affiliation, gender, race, and religion.


Note that women (who currently comprise 50.8% of the US population) comprise only 19.4% of the U.S. Congress. 

When you consider the physical body, we live as a constant cycle of yin/yang activities.  We breathe in and breathe out.  We receive and digest and then use the harvested and processed energy to move and change.   These cycles must be balanced for the body to survive and thrive.  Imagine how your body would feel if you only breathed in 19.4% of the time, and breathed out 80.6% of the time — breathing in only once for every four out-breaths. 

In fact, this would be impossible, because every out breath is actually made possible by in-breath.  The first breath a newborn takes?  In. 

The election of a woman as head of the body, no matter who that woman would be personally, would still be a symbolic in-breath after 240 years of breathing out — of holding the yang as preferable to  and more important than the yin.

One of the most frequent complaints I’ve heard of Hillary Clinton is that she’s an “insider.”  This may be entirely true, partially true, or completely false — in fact, I don’t think the facts matter in this case — this perception is present and very strong, which gives the concept a potent reality.

Yet from an evolutionary perspective, she would have to be an system “insider” in order to a) obtain enough votes to win the presidency in a country with diverse political and social views, and b) be authorized to evolve that system. 

I am unsurprised at a spiritual level that the first major party woman candidate for President of the United States is an insider who has played the game of politics, who presents qualities which are often praised in men but criticized in women (serious, loud, strong-on-defense/hawkish, strategic/secretive, conservative, rich, etc.).

How not?  Remember — evolution is slow and incremental, beginning within the species and bringing forth new features which are tested within the existing environment to see whether the feature is advantageous or disastrous. 

I am equally unsurprised that the opposing candidate, Donald Trump, represents as an almost cartoonish representation of patriarchal attitudes. 

What we are watching is a psycho-drama, and the psyche it belongs to is the collective body known as the United States of America.  We are watching the inevitable explosion of the separated way in which we’ve collectively held yin/yang, female/male, woman/man, and in-breath/out-breath in our society for far more than two hundred years.

In this psycho-drama, we are viewing what has always been there — a part of our cultural environment that has been so present that we sometimes don’t even notice it, until it peaks in some extreme version of itself:   the Oppressive Man blusters and roars, threatens and insults — and the Oppressed Woman takes power in the ways that she can — by capitulating in certain areas and manipulating situations to her advantage — by being furtive and biding her time — by submitting to humiliation externally and simmering inwardly.

I’m not saying that it’s functional, or that the description above is any kind of factual representation of the actual human individuals involved, or their actions in 3D reality — I’m saying that, if you were an alien who only had access to social media as an information source about the current election, and you had to write a summary for your boss, it would look something like ^^^that.

So this is the contest that has been living in our collective psyche, now playing out on a national (and international) stage for all to see.  Each of us as individuals will see what is most important for us to change within ourselves, for each cell of the body has a different function and perspective. 

Pay close attention to what triggers the greatest reactions in you as you watch this unfolding drama — for it is certain that these reflect parts of your own soul, crying out for evolution. 

But let me return to something that I think is far more important than the main players on the stage.  If you will, direct your attention to that all-important Greek Chorus of Voters, crying “Save Us!” to their candidates of choice — and let me state to you that I believe this to be the most opportune place to study the spiritual lessons of this election (and to observe the linchpin of the dysfunction that we all long to bring to functionality).

The Age of Pisces — the age of the Teacher/Messiah — is over.  The Age of Aquarius was ushered in on December 21, 2012 — the age of Connection, Unity, and “We” rather than “I.”  There is no Messiah who can save us.  We are the messiahs we seek.

For the vast majority of citizens in the U.S., the questions — How can we be safe?  — How can we be healed?   — How can we become more (prosper)? — have become mere habit, rather than true inquiry, as we sit in our warm, safe houses, with clean water and plentiful food,  more worried about having too much stuff than not enough, more worried about gaining weight than being hungry.

And in any case, these are not the questions we must answer now.

The most important question for this Age is:  How can we connect? — with our selves, with our environment, with other members of our local, national, and world “bodies” — with the Divine.

This question is certainly being brought to us in its most challenging forms during this election.   Can I still love my sibling who is voting for the candidate I loathe?  Can I continue to treat someone else as I would want to be treated, even when they are yelling at me, calling me names, or worse?  Can I bring myself to search for the humanity in a human that I really want to demonize?  Can I put aside fear and demonstrate love, over and over and over again?  Can I take up my responsibility in the collective and state without hesitation that I have consistently chosen actions of connection, mutual benefit, and cosmic alignment?

When I vote tomorrow, I will cast my vote based on the answer to this question alone:  Which of these candidates is more likely to move us to connection?   No candidate will bring that connection in one fell swoop — that is not how evolution works — but which one represents some kind of incremental, evolutionary shift that I would want to have pass on to the future of this body I am a part of?

At the level of the purely personal, and in the interest of full disclosure, I plan to vote for Hillary Clinton tomorrow — not because she’s perfect, not because she’s a woman (although I find it exciting that I might be casting a vote toward that break in a long outbreath-only pattern), not because I agree with her completely — but because when I look into the past, present, and potential futures — when I examine the energy paths that have led us all to this moment in time, I see that she represents the path of most likely evolutionary benefit. 

It might amuse you to know that one of the strongest intuitive nudges I got in making this choice came as I examined campaign slogans.

In the maelstrom of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” (as if America is something outside of us), Bernie Sanders’ (who I caucused for) “Not Me.  Us” later turning to “Feel the Bern,” Jill Stein’s “It’s In Our Hands,” and Gary Johnson’s “Our Best America Yet” — I found that this one: “I’m With Her” — rang most clearly with a direct statement of connection for me.

Finally, remember to breathe (in and out), clear your energy field, and know that our evolution is inevitable.  I am on this journey with you.  I am joyful about that.

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Thunderstorms Expected

Thunderstorms Expected

the delicate things

Leave your hardiness

Stand out in the yard
and brave the ozone

It’s coming for you
at any rate

filtering through the
window screen

or pounding the roof
in the form of hail


they describe it
in units of money
we don’t much care about

dime- or quarter-

or in expendable
sporting increments


When they get to bowling-ball-
I expect I’ll pay attention

But for now

it’s enough to read the
Special Weather Statement
which advises me that
“significant weather”
is coming

As if
my crawling scalp
hadn’t sensed that

As if
my livening nostrils
somehow forgot
the smell of

As if
my rumble-filled ears
could ignore
their own

As If.

I want to stop
expecting “weather”

I want to cease
for its arrival
or hoping
for its

I want to just sit
before the open window
and sniff the wind
as the cat does

hide under the bed
when the mighty sky above me
demands it


if I must know
it is coming
at least let me play
the rotund mother-to-be
who cannot restrain her shouts
or hold her pee

she is expecting

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Saturday Night Poem

Circle the Trees

Let everything
be your oracle
the dripping rain
and the dripping faucet
the unacknowledged hum of the furnace
and the roar in your own head
Take it in, in
and question everything
walk the yard
and circle every tree
Who are you?
Let drunkenness bring you sober
and sobriety bring you drunkenness
cycle around like the moon this way
and drink the nectar of ecstasy and fatigue
Leave nothing out
for it is not leaving you out
Allow the chill to shiver through you
and the fever to set you glowing
take hold of the fallen branch
and the new leaf
and shout the nothingness that you are
with certainty.

Copyright 1/26/13 Carol L. Steinel


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2013 Project

If you’ve read my blog at all, you’ll know about me and “resolutions.”

This year, I’m not “resolving” anything, but I did come to an intention that I feel confident that I can embrace:  To initiate and complete at least one act of pure creative fervor each day this year — tiny or huge.

Here’s today’s creation:

New Year Snow

I turn the chilled
curve of my ear
to catch it


shouts and howls
car horns
a train conductor
pulling on the horn
much longer than required

once I have it, though,
it cannot be ignored

I hear it
lacing its fingers through
the chubby infant hand
of the new year

and sighing

“Come on, then,”

as they fall together.

C. Steinel


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I Just Published a BOOK!!!!

Why yes.  Yes, I did.  If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, this — among other things, like moving halfway across the country, and reuniting with my parents and completely changing my notions of who I am — is what I’ve been up to:  I’ve finished and published a novel.

An entire novel.  Yes.  I did that.

It’s called “Triplicate,” and it’s about what some of you may have heard me refer to as “the splitting of the worlds” — and I’m very happy about how it’s come out.

Triplicate - A  Novel of the Splitting of the Worlds

Get Carol’s New Novel

So, now it’s up for sale, and I want you to get a copy — partly because I’m just excited about finishing an actual book, but mostly because I think you’ll find it entertaining and fascinating and it might just help you navigate this amazing time that we’re in, where we’re being challenged to actually make a conscious choice about what reality we want to create.

<<<That’s the cover over there.

The story includes thrills, chills, cherubic and reprehensible characters, humor, seriousness, and a nice, twisty tale of what it’s like to navigate three seemingly incompatible realities at once.

You can get it easily in a number of ways:

Way #1: (I’ll admit I’m prejudiced in this, as Way #1 results in me getting the biggest percentage of earnings from my book) — go to my online store and get a copy of the ebook in the format of your choice (PDF, Epub, Kindle, RTF or LRF) — you can do that here: Buy Triplicate at Carol’s Webstore — Get a Great Read and Put the Most Amount of Cash in Her Pocket

Way #2:  Buy the Ebook at Smashwords in your preferred format (this gives me less of the percentage, but if you go here, you can read the first few chapters for free before you purchase, and decide if you want to continue):  Buy the Triplicate Ebook at Smashwords

Way #3:  Buy the Book in print — an actual book that you can hold in your actual hands, and turn pages and everything!  — Buy a print version of Triplicate at

Okay — that’s all for now.  I’m gonna go drink an icy-cold beer, because I’ve been working for days and days to get this all ready, and now — woo-hoo!  I PUBLISHED A NOVEL!!!

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What I Want For My Birthday: Two Dollars

OK — there’s this thing I want for my birthday.  I won’t say that I “need” it, because if I don’t get it, I’m not going to die (that’s my crossover line for want/need).  Let’s just say that having this thing would make my life easier right now (because I could edit the videos that I can’t currently edit, process the sound files that are very difficult to process right now, etc.).

Here’s the thing I want:

So I was thinking:  “I have 337 friends on Facebook alone, and something like 450 on my email list.  If every one of those people sent me a couple of bucks for my birthday, this laptop would be mine and then some.  Cheaper than buying a birthday card and a stamp, even”


So, if you’ve been wondering what to get me for my birthday, I’m telling you straight out what I want.

I want you to send me $2.

Of course, I won’t turn you down if you send more. 😉

To send me just $2, click this link (if you want to send more, use the next link down):

To send whatever amount you want – $1 – $20 – $200 – $2000 (I think the least they’ll let you do is $1 — but you can fill in the blank), click this link:

OK.  That’s it, really.  That’s what I want.

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Getting Official

It hadn’t really occurred to me before, but I realize, now, that I haven’t actually made our “official” announcement anywhere beyond talking to friends and family:  we’re going to be moving.

We’ve given our notice, and come sometime in May/June, we’re going to be moving away from Port Townsend.  Our current trajectory has us headed for the Durango, Colorado area (although I realize this could change in an instant, given the rapidity of recent energies), and at this moment, we have very few plans about the “how” of that.  We don’t, at this moment, know where exactly we plan to live once we start heading in that direction, whether we’ll store our stuff here, or take it with us, etc.

Which might look “crazy,” from outside, but feels perfect from over here — for both me and my Beloved.

We both began to feel that, paradisaical as Port Townsend is, it is simply not our “place” anymore.  This doesn’t come as a surprise to me now, but would have, ten (or even five) years ago.  When I first moved to PT, I was very certain that this would be the place where I spent the rest of my life (my Beloved had similar feelings upon moving here).

The sense that I wasn’t properly placed began, I believe, more than a year ago, but certainty came after I returned from my trip to the Midwest.  While I was there, I experienced a sudden and surprising sense of physical vigor and energy shift.  It was more than just the energy of being on a trip — it seemed geo-physical and energetic beyond the simple newness that travel brings.

When I returned and told my partner about this, she confirmed that she, too, had experienced a growing sense that it was time for us to move along.

We opened ourselves to guidance and felt into the adventure.  We considered many places, discussed our likes and dislikes, “must-haves” and “must-not-haves”, and found that we both felt drawn to Colorado.

We’d each been having “fly-bys” about CO since the Autumn of 2010 — I’d pass a group of people talking on the street, and the word “Colorado” would be the only thing I’d actually hear of their conversation — the most promising prospective renter of the house we were leaving behind was relocating from Colorado, etc., etc., etc.

Durango popped up as a similarly small, quirky community that had many of the things we were craving — so that is where we are pointed — for now.

We got pretty clear about that by December, and I will say that in my long post-integration rambles around Port Townsend, there has been a consciousness that this beautiful little town may not be right outside my door for very much longer, but there is no sadness or regret tinging that — just a deep appreciation for this place that is so willing to be its weird and wonderful self.

We’ve given our notice and have enjoyed the interactions with our landlords/lady as we talk about what’s next — flexibility and openness reign supreme; a liberation and a blessing.

There are ways in which not knowing what is next feels profoundly freeing — and “youthening” in a way — last night, I was speaking with a friend about how I had moved out West in the late 70’s:  I had no idea what I would do for work or where I would live when I departed the great State of Kansas — I had a VW Bug packed with pretty much everything I owned (my mom would ship my books out to me later), and I drove across the country on a great adventure, unbowed and unworried about my future.

It feels like that again.  I am shedding more “stuff” before we go  — much of it well-loved and deeply valued — but like this wonderful town, not really “mine” anymore in some way.

There is one immense difference for me in taking this leap, compared to my leap of thirty-four years ago:  Technology.  Many (if not most) of my closest friends don’t live nearby me anyway — our contact is primarily via the internet or phone — so moving “away” doesn’t mean that I lose contact.

When I transported myself half-way across the continent after college, long-distance telephone calls were a cost so dear that they were reserved for Christmas, birthdays, and the occasional death or dire illness, and the vast majority of my contact with home was carried out via (many) letters sent through the post (most of them hand-written).  Sometimes I miss that kind of correspondence, but I suppose my blog has filled that gap, at least a bit.  Certainly I would not trade the immediacy of my technologically-enhanced contact for it now.

So there it is — official and in writing and for all the world to see.

I wonder what will happen next.

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Returning to the Chronicle

Today, I sought guidance about where to focus my energy.  The response was clear:  Chronicle and Grow.

I confess:  As I’ve blogged about the process of integration, the Little Mind piped up quite a bit, and I heeded it.

It said: “Who would want to hear about your arguments with Me?”

When I turned and faced this question, I discovered that the answer is:  “I would.  I would now, and I would have (and did) in the past.  Any person who would speak forthrightly about the process of expanding conscious, I would lend my ear to.”

So, I return to chronicling this experience I am having.  I take this guidance to heart, and come back to the story of myself.

If you could view my life from outside right now, very little would seem to have changed; I live in the same house, in the same town.  I drink my tea in the morning and sip a beer at night.  I read and answer emails.  I check Facebook.  I do the grocery shopping.

If you could see through my eyes, though, you’d see a house grown large and small with new focus, and a town that has exploded from stereotyped outline to a place stuffed with astounding detail.  You would taste the difference between this tea-bag and that one, and note how alcohol changes its effect with the weather.

This is a thing I’ve noted with every great transformation in my life:  Everything is the same and every thing is different.

That’s not how we’ve been told transformation “should” be.

If a great shift is made, then it’s supposed to be tectonic in nature — things should be moved around in a glaring manner, and we should be reeling and disoriented.

And yet.  And yet.

Ask anyone who has experienced the death of someone very close.  You walk away from their dying place and the dirty dishes are still in the sink — the laundry still waits in the hamper — the sun goes on setting and rising.  Sometimes, it seems almost like an affront; how can usual-ness go on when this has occurred?

Everything has changed and every thing is different.

My internal experience is like that.  The dirty dishes of the mind are still there, wanting to be scrubbed and placed clean for a new meal.  The roles I’ve worn like clothing are not worn through and ready to be discarded — but some of them, I want to give away, now, and others need stains washed out before I’ll want to don them again — and then there are the days when I think:  “Maybe I should just create a whole new wardrobe.”

I’m experiencing integration as different than what I’d previously thought of as “transformation” — perhaps it is that this integration contains transformation, but is not contained by it.  Perhaps I am recycling myself, rather than re-inventing myself.

And even now, the Little Mind pipes up to say:  “You haven’t spoken a single thing that makes a bit of sense.”

Alright — then, a walking poem:

Five Madonnas

I walk out
in the light of my dreams
half light half dark

where you must
really look
to see

Jupiter and Venus
form a straight line
above the west

I proceed
to where they stab
this collective finger

my right shoe
squeaks when I step into it
up the hill past the dog

who barks complaint
of my squeaking
to planets that can’t be bothered

I square my shoulders
and march on
to this brick wall with windows

Five Madonnas
keep their backs to me
beyond the glass

faces reserved
for the holy within
raiment folded against the night

the daffodils below
shower warm countenance
to even this growing darkness

Is it bravery
when you do not know
that you are brave?

copyright 2012 Carol L. Steinel
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Nearly ten years ago, I traveled to do some teaching and readings in what some people call “The Bible Belt.”

I had been teaching long enough at that time that I didn’t feel an enormous amount of trepidation about bringing my rather “out there” information to an area of the U.S. that many people assume is closed to certain spiritual forms that are outside the norms.  By this time, I had connected with spiritual seekers from all over the world, many of whom lived in areas that were considered extremely conservative, so I had been gradually letting go of personal biases about regions of the country/world and spiritual outlook.

I did have an interesting experience with one private reading client, though.

She arrived with that particular look in her eye that I’d seen before on hard-core skeptics.  When we tuned in and began, before she’d asked a single question, then-Carruch volunteered a series of images and energies that we’d received during the tune-in.  These images were extremely specific, and Carol watched from within as the client’s narrowed eyes opened wider and wider with each sentence.

There was no way we could have known this information — when she’d booked the reading, I had only her (rather usual) first name.  We’d never met, and I didn’t know anyone who actually knew her — she’d heard about my visit from the friend of a friend of a friend.

I actually like knowing nothing about a client before I read for them — pre-integration, I sometimes even enjoyed the phone sessions I did more in that regard — not seeing the person actually made it less likely that I might overlay any of my own assumptions on them as I was reading (based on their clothing, appearance, age, etc.).

It was clear from the look on this particular woman’s face that we had just read her with an accuracy and detail that simply defied “ordinary” understanding.

At the end of the session, she said to me (once Carruch had “gone”): “I hope you don’t feel offended by me saying this, but — honestly, I didn’t believe that people like you existed — that anyone actually had abilities like the ones you have.”

I assured her that I was not offended, and told her I hoped that what we had shared with her was helpful to her.

When I returned from my trip and recounted this story to a friend, he responded with: “That’s funny, really, because I find it hard to believe that people like her exist — people who don’t believe in this stuff.”

Over the years, I’ve met with many people who arrived at their session, or a class or circle with an attitude of extreme skepticism.  I hold discernment as a vital aspect of personal psychic hygiene, and actively encourage anyone who sits with me to “hold on to their skeptics hat.”  In fact, I request and prefer that people not continue sitting with me if they have any sense that the information I give isn’t in integrity or alignment for them; whether they think of me as a fraud or the information simply doesn’t touch them.   I think it’s more expansive for all if each individual prioritizes their own internal guidance rather than adopt external guidance which isn’t a “fit” for them.

That said — in the past, I was sometimes surprised at how often the most spontaneous, specific, and “uncanny” information actually came through for clients/students who arrived in a state of extreme skepticism.  I believe that, in many cases, this occurred precisely because their own soul had a deep desire to open to something “beyond the ordinary”, and so, willingly revealed information to us that the intellectual mind might have normally defended itself from (had it not arrived in a form that seemed to defy”ordinary” explanation).

Over the years, I’ve spoken with thousands of different people; in terms of their openness to spiritual concepts, these have ranged from those who some would call “guru chasers” (people who practice no discernment at all, to the extent that they subvert their own guidance completely to whatever seeming spiritual authority-figure appears) to those who have simply arrived at a session to play “test the psychic,” (even though their minds are already made up and that wouldn’t be shifted even if I managed to materialize a full-grown elephant into the room).

In between these extremes, of course, there have been all manner of variations and degrees of mind-sets and understandings, and a vast array of motivations for why someone would spend time sitting with a chubby little woman talking in a hard-to-identify accent. 🙂

One thing that is fairly consistent, though:  If you ask someone why they first came to sit with me, they will usually say that they were intrigued by the thought of interacting with something unusual or “out of the ordinary”.

Which seems funny to me now, in a way.  Even before integration, “Carol” had been living in the realm of what many people think of as “extra-ordinary” (channeling, psychic abilities, practicing daily psychic hygiene and alignment with Cosmic Law) for so long that it had become, in many ways “ordinary” for her.

Two of my favorite Then-Carruch quotes are:

“You pray and pray for the miracle, and then when it appears, you say ‘That’s so Weird!”


You come to see the psychic and then you’re surprised when they’re psychic.”

On my walk yesterday, I was very aware of one of the delightful effects of this blending of the oversoul and soul constructs that I’m naming as Conscious Integration:  That the extra-ordinary has become deeply ordinary, and the ordinary — profoundly extra-ordinary.

From my current state of consciousness, contemplation of the parade of past incarnations that I’ve taken through time simply seem sensible and orderly. Of course I would have chosen to incarnate in this or that particular time and place, so that I could meet this or that soul and form agreements about our “later” interactions.  Of course time and space appear as a grid for us to pass over (even though this barely touches the true nature of each)  — how else could we have the peculiar experience of sequential Nows?

Yet as I navigate this grid of sensible immediacies, I am brought to amazed stillness as I hear a garter snake slither away through the dried grasses — stunned by the concurrent distance and proximity of mountains showing off their newest snow-robes — surprised at the mellowness of an old acquaintance’s voice as they greet me.

The hunger for the miraculous is within every human being.  We want to be astounded and impressed-upon and lifted out of ourselves — it feels wonderful, and energizes us.  We crave magic.

Some find it in science, and eschew any notion of divinity.  Some find it in religion, judging rationality as limiting and unenlightened.

The magic in these polarities, though, is this: If you look long enough, from enough perspectives, you eventually find everything everywhere — after all — we are the ones who have created the seeming paradox of our existence.  There can be no “extra-ordinary” unless we declare the ordinary — no unusual until we define what is “usual”.

We can look all we want “out there” for this magic, and we will never find it, unless we realize that what we are seeking — when we visit the psychic, or peer into the microscope, or fold our hands in the pew — is ourselves.

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What Is It Like?

In the past twenty years, I’ve worked/played with (literally) thousands of people in the course of my work as a psychic/channel/mentor/guide — and I’ve had hundreds of people ask me what that “feels like”.

As is true of most things in my experience, I’d have to answer:  “It depends.”  It depends on what type of connection I’m making with someone, and where they are at energetically, and how broad the connection is (to an individual or to many people, which isn’t always dependent on whether I’m doing a “private” session or an open circle).

For example:  I’ve had the experience of working in a one-on-one session with someone who served a multitude of other people, or who had a metric ton of guides working with them, and energetically, that can feel like working with hundreds of other beings.

Conversely, I’ve sat in circles with twenty or thirty people that felt very energetically “quiet”.

So it depends.

Tonight, I’m writing about this to remark about the very distinct energy shift that I am experiencing by simply opening to a new possibility.

For the past three days, I’ve been putting together a new approach to making what I have to offer available to others.  This involved a lot of testing of new technologies and coding and such, and that’s activity that I enjoy, so the construction of the needful technology was a blissful journey — one that I’m fairly familiar with.

Something that I hadn’t anticipated, though, was the shift in energy that I experienced once I sent out the announcement about this new, more immediate format.  I very intentionally opened myself to a new availability for service (offering my psychic/guidance skills in a “right now” mode), while, in the past, I had carefully structured and planned my availability  (you can schedule with me in thus-and-such a manner, and here are my policies, clear and complete — and often, rigid).

Today, as soon as I sent the email announcing this new avenue of availability, I felt the change.  I could actually feel the emails out there, being opened, and sense how I had opened my energy in a new way.

It feels exciting, and it feels like a lot.  The first person to engage me using the new system said, after their fifteen-minute session:  “Huh.  I just thought I was asking about finding this thing that I had lost — this was an answer about where to look, and a whole lot more.  Are you sure that was just fifteen minutes?”

Was it just fifteen minutes?  Well, that depends, I suppose . . .

I can feel the excitement — the big “yes” in my body — that says: “This way!”

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