2013 Project

If you’ve read my blog at all, you’ll know about me and “resolutions.”

This year, I’m not “resolving” anything, but I did come to an intention that I feel confident that I can embrace:  To initiate and complete at least one act of pure creative fervor each day this year — tiny or huge.

Here’s today’s creation:

New Year Snow

I turn the chilled
curve of my ear
to catch it


shouts and howls
car horns
a train conductor
pulling on the horn
much longer than required

once I have it, though,
it cannot be ignored

I hear it
lacing its fingers through
the chubby infant hand
of the new year

and sighing

“Come on, then,”

as they fall together.

C. Steinel


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  1. That’s friggin’ gorgeous. You must have been a snowflake in a previous life.

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