Saturday Night Poem

Circle the Trees

Let everything
be your oracle
the dripping rain
and the dripping faucet
the unacknowledged hum of the furnace
and the roar in your own head
Take it in, in
and question everything
walk the yard
and circle every tree
Who are you?
Let drunkenness bring you sober
and sobriety bring you drunkenness
cycle around like the moon this way
and drink the nectar of ecstasy and fatigue
Leave nothing out
for it is not leaving you out
Allow the chill to shiver through you
and the fever to set you glowing
take hold of the fallen branch
and the new leaf
and shout the nothingness that you are
with certainty.

Copyright 1/26/13 Carol L. Steinel


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One Response to Saturday Night Poem

  1. Laura Rosales says:

    I found this so beautiful, so rich and it got “into” me. Beautiful this.

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